BBDO SF - Wholly Guacamole

New Character Intro: Slow Moe - "Race to the Toaster" - Online TV & Social Cut-downs

BBDO SF - Wholly Guacamole

2021 Hero Character Spot - "Something In My Eye" - Online TV & Social Cut-downs

Working with the Mill we showed that making guac is messy—and you should just buy theirs instead.

BBDO SF - Wholly Guacamole

Avocado Hand Insurance - Online TV & Social Cut-downs

A really fun spot we made with Mike Bernstein at SuperPrime.

BBDO SF - WhatsApp

It's Between You - "Comfort Chain" - TVC & Social Cut-downs

I led the first US-produced WhatsApp brand ad—filmed in the early days of the pandemic when you couldn't even have people leave their homes for productions. Partnering with Prettybird, we shot in 5 countries in 4 days, 100% remote (back when nobody knew how to do it—context is everything). A literal feat of production—there should be a Lion category for that. Alas—you will need a password to see it (email me) it as their media budget was cut the day we delivered and this ad has not yet seen the light of day.

BBDO SF - Cesar Dog Food

Cesar Minis Launch Spot - "Share the Love" - TVC & Social Cut-downs

BBDO SF - Wells Fargo

"Mobile Deposit - Women's World Cup" TVC on Fox Sports

This series of 4 spots highlighted the functionality of the WF mobile app. Produced soup to nuts in 2.5 weeks, we utilized stock/found footage and I directed the phone/hand model shots myself, shot in our office using our in-house content team. One of my very first TVCs where I was lead producer.

BBDO SF - Wells Fargo Holiday

"A Can's Journey - Wells Fargo Food Bank" OLV ran Nov-Dec 2019

I was Lead Producer and Co-Director of this spot that shows the journey of a can of food donated at one of the 3400 Wells Fargo Food Banks all the way to the table of a family in need. 

BBDO SF - Wells Fargo Holiday

"Most Givingest Time of the Year - Wells Fargo Food Bank" TVC ran Nov-Dec 2018

One of the first TVCs I ever worked on, casting was especially tricky and we had what seemed to be endless rounds of client review on this one.

BBDO SF - Wells Fargo

"2019 Brand Campaign BTS"

I directed & produced two behind the scenes videos for Wells Fargo during the 2019 brand campaign because it was the first time that they had ever used real employees in a commercial.

BBDO SF - BJ's Restaurants

"Super Sick Monday" OLV - Ran the week leading up to the Big Game

This campaign was all about ordering delivery from the restaurant "when it sucks to go out." One of the first campaigns I ever helped produce.

BBDO SF - BJ's Restaurants

"Foodie Forecast" OLV & Social Case Study - Geo-targeted to people who were where the weather was bad

This campaign was all about ordering delivery from the restaurant "when it sucks to go out." One of the first campaigns I ever helped produce.