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1. I have two Halloween costumes, Han Solo, and Indiana Jones. So basically... just Harrison Ford.

2. I have been to 24 different countries on 6 continents.

3. There are some people who, on principle, buy only Apple products—I am one of those people.

4. I own almost every Star Wars Lego set made from 1998 to 2007, and a bunch more since then.

5. I took 9 years of piano lessons—and I can barely play Jingle Bells.

6. I haven't really missed a BYU football home game since 2003.

7. I speak fluent Portuguese, and I can fake my way through Spanish.

8. My wife and I are expecting a baby boy in May.

9. My favorite activity is seeing a movie in the theater.

10. I HATE when people ruin movies (see number 9 above) by talking or just being annoying.



Creative Excellence Award - One Show - New York, NY – 2017 

Pencil Award - One Show - New York, NY – 2017

National Best of Show ADDY Award - AAF – 2017

2 National Gold ADDY Awards - AAF – 2017

7 Gold ADDY Awards - AAF - Salt Lake City, UT – 2016/17

Best Ad - Final Cut Film Festival - Provo, UT – 2016 & 2017


Some might call me bossy. 

But the truth is,

I just know what you're supposed to be doing.


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