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I am a producer

The one in charge of putting together the production from start to finish. The one who helps it go from “a big idea” to “an ad idea.” The one who makes all the phone calls and writes emails all day. The one who takes your money, takes more of your money, and then asks you for a little more money. The one who has to be able to ideate, write, cast, shoot, direct, edit and sound mix—but really, be able to communicate to SOMEONE ELSE how to do all that in a way that makes the client happy. I am a producer, the most helpful “bossy” person you know.


I love sports adverting, beautiful shots, and good storytelling. I rent out an entire theater to watch each Star Wars movie with friends and family, and I hold Super Bowl parties where it’s hard to find a bathroom break because we love advertising AND football. Some of my favorite things are: Spielberg Movies, College Football, Playing Sports, the Food Network, Roger Deakins, the Utah Jazz, Legos and Apple Products.

Ten things about me

1. I have two Halloween costumes, Han Solo, and Indiana Jones. So basically... just Harrison Ford.

2. I have been to 24 different countries on 6 continents.

3. There are some people who, on principle, buy only Apple products—I am one of those people.

4. I own almost every Star Wars Lego set made from 1998 to 2007, and a bunch more since then.

5. I took 9 years of piano lesson—and I can barely play Jingle Bells.

6. I haven't really missed a BYU football home game since 2003.

7. I speak fluent Portuguese, and I can fake my way through Spanish. 

8. My favorite activity is seeing a movie in the theater. 

9. I HATE when people ruin movies (see number 8 above) by talking or just being annoying.

10. I will be a dad in May 2018.


5 ADC Cubes (2 Gold) - One Show - New York, NY – 2018

Creative Excellence Award - One Show - New York, NY – 2017

Pencil Award - One Show - New York, NY – 2017

National Best of Show ADDY Award - AAF – 2017

2 National Gold ADDY Awards - AAF – 2017

8 Gold ADDY Awards - AAF - Salt Lake City, UT – 2016/17

Best Ad - Final Cut Film Festival - Provo, UT – 2016 & 2017


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