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You've come here because either you want to see if I'm any good,

or because my grandma shared my page again (love you, grandma).


I'd start with the top spot for GE and work your way down (unless you love musicals, then jump to the bottom and watch Waffle House). Once you've seen enough here, visit my "Film Work" & "Passion Projects" pages to see something besides ads.


My "About" page will have some cool behind-the-scenes here soon, but for now, it just has a little about me. And finally, my resume does a good job of condensing my whole life down to one page, see it here.


GE - One More Giant Leap

Spec Ad - General Electric

General Electric was critical in developing technology that put Man on the moon, and recently, GE has been pushing more women towards STEM careers. With companies like GE and their promise to champion imagination, dreamers like Polly can reach the stars.

4 ADC Cubes & Gold Addy Winner

Vespa - Ride to Fly

Spec Ad - Vespa

The Wedding Disaster of Castello Mare! You don’t ride a Vespa to get from point A to point B, you ride a Vespa to go beyond what is expected, to be more than what you were before, you ride to fly.

Addy Awards - National Best of Show & 1 ADC Cube

BMW - Technology with a Brain

Spec Ad - BMW Connected Drive

Technology is all around us. It’s designed to make our lives easier, but in reality, it sometimes just makes us more frustrated. The BMW Connected app actively makes your life a little less stressful with traffic pattern alerts, driverless back-up control, and hand gesture menus. All of these features combined give you the best that technology can afford—but with a brain.

One Show - Pencil Winner

The Warning -

Client Work - The Ad Council

There is a need for better K-12 teachers in America. Our assignment was to create (write, pitch, and produce) a piece of online video content, working with the AdCouncil, to help promote the teaching profession in a way that would entice top-performing high school students to consider teaching K-12 as a worth-while career option. 

Burger King - Fire Is Always Better

Spec Ad - Burger King

Some are born with a love for fire, and sometimes it’s hard to fit in. But Burger King understands and champions the flame, because fire is always better.

Waffle House - Hey Jude

Spec Ad - Waffle House

Look no further than a Waffle House for an experience that would not be soon forgotten. It's a place for everyone, young & old, rough & refined, sinners & saints can find joy. Go there at 2am; it'll change your life—because at Waffle House there are no questions, just waffles.

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