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GE - One More Giant Leap

General Electric was critical in developing technology that put man on the moon, and recently, GE has been pushing more women towards STEM careers. With companies like GE and their promise to champion imagination, dreamers like Polly can reach the stars.

This student spec commercial was created by BYU Advertising students.

Lead Producer - Scott James

Film Director - Jedediah Thunell

Cinematographer - Josh Contor

Producers - Connor Dean, Brandon James, Mary Lamphier

Music Composer - Dallas Crane

Post Production Sound

Art Directors - Taylor Dahl, Alexa Spiroff

Copywriter - Anthon Johnson

Creative Producer - Jason Murray


Young Polly – Ryann Bingham

Adult Polly – Johnson

Mom – Anna Bingham

Dad – Jake Bingham

Special Thanks to:

Casey Wilson, David Pierce, Sally Willmore, Amy Hauck, Amanda Rasmussen, Derrick Trotman, Lindsey Rodgerson, Tyler Archibald, Andy Baker, Cameron Wilson, KeAlii Johnson, Keoni Johnson, Talo Steves, Kevin Woodward, John Newton, Dallin Penrod, Andrew Holman, Sam & Rhea Dahl, Phil & Lisa Shepherd, Kevin Kelly, Paul Meyers, Aaron Merrill, and Colin Becker at Redman.

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